I am Alexandra Theohari and I am the founder and designer of KLOTHO.
KLOTHO was founded in 2016 in Crete, a place I call home by now although I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, a town in North Greece. I found myself in Crete after completing my degree in English Literature. I went on studying the History of Arts at the University of Crete and a few years later I attended a course on Fashion Design.

On this magic island, full of positive energy, friendly people, strong local colour and ancient tradition, amazing landscapes and fertile land I met
my husband and gave birth to our four beautiful children. I easily fit into the local culture and soon felt a strong attraction for the island’s traditional crafts.

The day I accidentally found myself at the weaving studio of the Monastery of St. Irene in Rethymno was fated. I was impressed and inspired by the fine textures, the exquisite quality of fabrics coming out of huge looms, destined to become habits for priests. I was convinced that these looms could source the raw material for high end, artisanal garments carrying cultural value at the same time.

A few days later I had renovated my grandma’s loom and started working and experimenting under the guidance of the nuns who are top weavers and really owe them a lot. That was just the beginning of KLOTHO’s journey. At the moment we have three wooden hand looms in production mode and we are experimenting on an inkle loom.

Me and my team of weavers, creative directors, digital marketers work hard to present a modern and fresh attitude of our weaving items while maintaining an heirloom quality.

KLOTHO has already gained attention of the media and has featured in several magazines and documentaries.

My ambition is to run a conscious and thoughtful brand, hopefully global, that will treat weaving not as an art purposed for museums but as a living art aligned with our daily lives and modern lifestyle.

Ada Theochari
Alexandra Theochari


KLOTHO is a fashion brand founded and based in Crete, Greece by Alexandra Theohari in 2016. KLOTHO embodies a philosophy that brings
together the long-lived art of weaving with contemporary design and global trends to create items of timeless aesthetics.

Each piece is designed and hand woven by our experienced, local weavers from initial sketches through to hand finished and embroidered
fabric in our loom studio, in Rethymno, Crete.

The brand’s lifestyle collections are influenced by clear-cut geometric lines and minimal structures deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical

KLOTHO creates artisanal garments of relaxed chic elegance using materials of lasting quality such as cotton, linen and raw silk.

KLOTHO revives and re-invents the rich weaving tradition of Crete by breathing new life into old traditional patterns and techniques.

KLOTHO takes pride in being a sustainable, zero waste brand. Even small scraps of fabric are reused for lining our bags and clutches.

KLOTHO produces its woven fabrics in Crete, which means that proudly supports local economy and promotes traditional craftsmanship.

In KLOTHO we have taken up the mission to support weaving, a declining technique survive and develop. We want to raise awareness to young
people.They can be apprenticed to weaving and manage to become skilled professionals. We are committed to pass on our cultural heritage to future generations.