Visit our studio

Our loom studio in Rethymno is a destination both for a creative journey and for retail shopping.

Set on the ground floor of a detached house, surrounded by a beautiful garden overlooking the Cretan Sea, the building is also home for KLOTHΌ weaving studio and showroom.

To reflect the brand’s values the interior is a mixture of traditional architecture with modern design furniture.

This studio is our creative hub where we work and produce our bespoke woven fabrics on our restored floor looms.

It is the place where you can view, touch and feel or shop our collection of handmade homewear such as rugs, placemats, cushions or wall hangings.

The studio also displays our full clothing collection.

From classic timeless styles to fresh contemporary shapes KLOTHO studio in Rethymno is the only destination where you can find the complete collection.

Furthermore it is the place that hosts regular workshops from Rigid Heddle Loom weaving to Tapestry weaving allowing our customers to really engage and delve into KLOTHO lifestyle and community.

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