The brand

KLOTHO is a sustainable fashion brand founded in Crete in 2016 that brings together the Art of Weaving with contemporary design and global trends to create items of timeless aesthetics.
Artisanal garments of relaxed chic elegance made of lasting quality materials and handloom embroidered patterns.


Our SS22 collection draws inspiration from the Cretan patania. Patania was a thick rug, an essential item for every household,made of wool, woven an hand looms in bright colours and intricate patterns, carrying symbolisms and scenes of every day life and rituals. Silky textures, natural cottons and linens and a palette of fine ivory, classic black, burnt orange , marine blue and stripes add to a dynamic collection which exudes timeless sophistication. The artisanal character of the collection is underlined by details, embroideries and fabrics woven in Crete by our local expert weavers.


Our print for this summer is a display of folk culture symbols as they appear on the Cretan Patania, a thick woven textile found in all cretan houses in the past.The patterns and imagery of the patania are translated into a fresh narrative which breathes new life into old motifs such as pots of flowers, cypresses, women dancing in a fair and  wine leaves.


We proudly present a limited collection of silk scarves and foulards, always serving our mission to respect the artisan’s traditional craftsmanship while creating statement pieces for the stylish aware.


KLOTHΌ has thoughtfully created a collection of the woman’s most loved accessory, the bag. Timeless and contemporary though not affected by trends, paying homage to craftsmanship and quality.


Our Homeware collection is a reflection of our ethos and brand values of conscious and mindful living. From handwoven wall hangings, natural candles, rugs, Cretan stitch embroideries framed in plexiglass, customised throws and runners ,this is the place to turn your house into a home.


With a mission to preserve local artisans’ skills KLOTHO has an ethical supply chain using local materials and three 100 -year-old, hand operated looms for a zero carbon  footprint process. Since 2016 we have been creating hand- loomed textiles, a craft passed down through generations while at the same time exploring different ways to reimagine traditional textiles.

Studio – showroom

Our loom studio is located on the magical island of Crete, a tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, dreamy villages and vibrant cities. Find us in a place where Cretan architecture meets Greek hospitality and be guided to the whole process of textile weaving.