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KLOTHO featured in SAT1, German TV documentary about Crete – Grenzelos

A group of three journalists from SAT 1 , visited our island to write a documentary about Crete,trying to discover all the hidden treasures of the island.

Our loom studio and the revival of an ancient technique by our brand was something they admired and assessed highly so we were asked to participate in the movie.

How could we resist? It was a great honour and a unique experience at the same time..

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Every year,as Christmas is coming near,we try to think of something new and nice to present to our customers…something carrying symbolisms and be there for the whole year…So for this Christmas we prepared a series of fiber sculping charms in white,gold,silver,blue,red and green,the dominant colours of Christmas.

Each charm was embellished with a metallic or clay ornament.A house for domestic peace and happiness,an evil eye to keep away negative energy,a boat wishing you beautiful journeys and new begginings all year round,and gold pomegranates and horseshoes for good luck.

May we all have a peaceful and happy 2020!!

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We strongly believe in the values and potential of our brand so we decided to give KLOTHO the chance to open its wings globally.So in September 2019 we participated in ‘Who’s Next’ in Paris,the biggest international fashion trade show.It was indeed a unique experience.We met interesting people and brands from other countries,shared ideas and made useful contacts.I travelled with Christina,our most valuable Head designer and friend and Irene our Sales Manager.We spent four days together setting things up,meeting new customers,explaining our values and brand mission,putting new goals and of course enjoying French wine and delicacies at the end of our long and tiring days!I really cherish these precious moments…We keep working hard,keep getting better every day,keep reaching new goals,keep trying our limits…