Inspired by the traditional weaving art in Crete, Klothό creates unique and timeless items of superior quality that combine Cretan tradition and technique with patterns and colours aligned with contemporary trends and way of life.

Resort wear and accessories designed and made entirely in Greece, which revive and creatively redefine the local craft of Cretan artisans, creating high cultural value and supporting the local economy.

Alexandra Theohari, the founder of Klothό,named her brand after the first of the three Fates, who according to the ancient Greek Mythology, ”spun the thread of life”.

Guided by her personal experiences and a passion for Art and creativity Alexandra envisioned her own Klothό, a brand that brings Cretan hand-woven textiles to the present, reviving a declining technique through new creations.

Items embellished with well-known historical patterns, characterized by clean-cut geometrical lines and minimal influences deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical Greece.

Each piece is unique and is available in a limited number of copies upon request ,since their production is intricate and demanding. But this is only a small cost to pay for the preservation of a thousand years old technique.

Ada Theochari

Production and Craftsmanship

Klothό is founded on a strong desire to revive, restore and redefine the local and declining local crafts of Crete, such as embroidery and loom weaving producing pieces of cultural added value, high quality and contemporary design that speak to a sophisticated woman looking for something more than a fashion item.

Each handmade fabric is designed, woven and embroidered by the best weavers of the island while our cotton and silk textiles are embellished with traditional or historic patterns hand-woven or embroidered in Crete.

Custom made orders are also more than welcome. Please allow a minimum of 15 days for their production.