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Crete, is the biggest  island of Greece, located in the South, between the Aegean and the Cretan Sea. It is a mosaic of different landscapes, sandy beaches, rocky bays, traditional villages and vibrant cities, white mountaintops and a crystal blue sea!

The people of Crete are famous for their open heart, generosity and hospitality. The will never allow a visitor to leave their place without treating him raki, the traditional drink, and anything they have available in their houses.

Crete is a paradise of tastes, pure olive oil, herbs, fresh fruit, honey, delicious cheese and dairy products, all made here in this blessed island.

And of course a rich  history dating back to the Minoan Civilisation, numerous archeologiacal sites and museums.

Not to miss – The palace of King Minos in Knossos, the sandy hills of Ag. Pavlos, the island of Chryssi, the Palm tree forest in Preveli, the Arkadi Monastery, the Old town of Chania and the Venetian Harbour of Rethymno. If you are brave enough you can reach the mountaintop of Psiloritis ( 2.400m) and enjoy a 360 view of the island.

What more would you wish for?

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Having your own studio with 4 floor looms and 4 table looms is a blessing but more often than not I have the feeling that there are so many things to do on my looms that time is not enough…My mind is overwhelmed with new ideas, new patterns and techniques to be practiced ,new materials, new products that could get in production…this is how KLOTHO HOME was born. And as every newborn, KLOTHO HOME has come to fill my soul with bliss and satisfaction and this unique feeling you get when you achieve new goals, when you realise that hours of hard work, threading and unthreading and warping and weaving and unweaving have not been wasted.When you have come to a point to reach a new mountaintop and “enjoy the view”.

KLOTHO HOME is taking its first steps. Right now it consists of a small collection of placemats,rugs,wall hangings , plexiglass deco items and cushion covers.

This is just the beggining…we are here to make more and more beautiful things to share with our customers and friends!!Comissions are also welcome. So stay tuned for more…

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It was such a pleasure for me to get an absolutely positive feedback on the announcement of offering weaving workshops for begginers in Rethymno and Chania.Groups of 4 were soon complete and happy,emerging weavers filled our studio with their creative mood and positive energy.

Having people accepting and supporting what you do is a blessing indeed. I try really hard to persuade people that weaving is not a craft of the past, an art that passed away, as most people in my country think, but a craft that evolves, an Art with incredible potential and numerous applications.In Greece weaving has been a neglected Art for over two generations…But things are getting better and better every day as people and especially younger people are getting in touch with this magical craft.There are many ambitious artists and entrepreneurs nowadays promoting and breathing new air into weaving and this is really encouraging for the future of weaving.

Special thanks to Eleni Teneketzi,owner of Koukoubook bookstore in Chania.She offered her beautiful space in the centre of the town for our workshops.Such a sweet, kind and talented girl in the town’s most updated bookshop!!