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KLOTHO featured in SAT1, German TV documentary about Crete – Grenzelos

A group of three journalists from SAT 1 , visited our island to write a documentary about Crete,trying to discover all the hidden treasures of the island.

Our loom studio and the revival of an ancient technique by our brand was something they admired and assessed highly so we were asked to participate in the movie.

How could we resist? It was a great honour and a unique experience at the same time..

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Meeting at the Greek Ministry of Culture

On Thursday 22/2/18 the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Greek Ministry of Culture invited entrepreneurs, associations, and professionals who are actively engaged with the Art of weaving in order to make a listing of all the weaving action that formally takes place in the country.

It was a real pleasure to meet people with whom we share the same creative passion for weaving, exchange ideas and think about the possibility of expanding and moving on to promising collaborations.